Shower Thoughts: Part 2 (Pensées de douche: Partie Deux) haha shower in French is douche. okay why am I still writing in the title?


If you notice, this is my first ‘part 2’ of sorts. Yeah, I get irked by these details. (just google the meaning of irk i know you want to). It’s beacuse when I started this blog, I sat down and told myself:

*yes it’s a blockquote and we’ve just started. this post is going to be a good one, i think*

me: okay, aLLaN. (yes, i’m allan with 2 L’s. lets not start this conversation now pls)
we’ll be posting new content EVERY WEEK. and have like 4 categories, one per week. and also different different topics all together. hakuna kosokoso ya ati oooh continuations over 3 months. brain, i leave the creativity in your capable hands, capiche? (is that how it’s written? or is it, capish? no no that’s sounds wrong, i even felt weird typing it , anyway)

my brain: ditto

Well, shock on me, my lack of commitment and unwillingness to certain issues started creeping up on me like:


and now i’m just a huge slob in terms of my writing. It’s like how your parents/teachers or whatever grown up told you you’d meet your husband/wife in university. lmaooo WHAT A SCAM. I knew I had been fooled when I actually missed the deadline to one of the assignments earlier on in the semester and from then on it’s just gone downhill.

Where were we? oh yaaa shower thoughts…


  1. I don’t know about you, but have you ever had these action-packed dreams, that you kind of want it to end but you also don’t want it to end? Most of the time, it may involve violence, blood, a ton of drama and dare I say limited technology? (unless you dream about hacking, then you’re weird). So can I say like a Quentin Tarantino flick – you know, this western one…uhh.. Django Unchained! yeah, another one, Pulp Fiction? If you’ve watched then you know what I’m talking about then oh my goodness, you’re amazing. Yes, you are.. go on, tell your neighbour I am amazing and so are you. If you told your neighbour and you haven’t watched any well:image2
  2. Numero dos? Personally, I am amazed by the power of imagination, creativity and what a view (i have been waiting to use that phrase all my life. i can now officially say that i have peak-; no. no. nope, scratch that, it’s wrong) so… blah blah blah creativity and what a view et cetera (now i have peaked) Anyway, its fascinating how the human mind can make up crazy scenarios and we’d get a sense of fulfillment and overemotional; for example, I have this tendency of getting way too excited over mentally spending money that I haven’t received yet or don’t have.

    But this can also be kind of disadvantageous when you overthink in a negative way. Creating situations that break you rather than build you emotionally and it ends up spiralling out of hand. I’d like to point out that so far this year, I have learnt that I am not the only one having such upsetting moments. And much as it sucks, it is human. Literally everyone experiences it, and although it may not be everyone, at least some people understand. And from a friend to another, I’d recommend you talk to that person you can confde in, who trusts your opinion and msot of all who won’t judge you based on your decisions and thoughts. =)

    Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

  3.  Lastly, do you ever have your brain cell. THE ONE BRAIN CELL that carries out your daily functionalities as a human being. THAT VOICE. it is the voice that is telling me to write this *cue x-files theme song* (tbh i’ve never watched x files, i’m just guessing so don’t @ at me)

    patty: well allan technically the brain is made up of millions of cells, and the voice residing in your intellect is your consc….
    vOiCe ReSiDiNg iN yOuR InTeLLeCt…. SHUT UP PATTY


    anywho, there are a lot of things that activate “that voice” like regret about things in my uneventful past. Like personally, at the end of a day we had like a test or an exam or whatever, it literally haunts me whether I had written my  answer sheet details correctly. But fr it is scary as hell knowing that someone out there knows you as the fool who flopped his exam including his OWN personal information.

I’d go on but I’m beat so I guess I’m done? idk
Good Night! Good Morning! or Good Day! Pick appropriately, depending on your time zone. And remember to look both sides before crossing a road.



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